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Which Is Better Between The Plate Glasses Frame And TR-90 Mirror Frame?


The plate glasses rack is designed for the majority of fashion people and students in pursuit of quality of life, especially young women. At present, the plate glasses frame composition most are acetate fiber, there are also a few high-grade mirror frames is canonic acid fiber, so not easy to deform and change color, good layers, durability, and other characteristics, large hardness, good gloss, and the combination of steel skin strengthened the solid performance, and beautiful style, durable, much loved by people.

The TR90 mirror frame is a memory-polymer material of glasses, without chemical residue release, meets the European requirements for food-grade materials, and is currently the most popular ultra-light glasses frame in the world. The TR90 mirror frame has the characteristics of super toughness, collision and wears resistance, and low friction coefficient, which can effectively prevent the damage caused to the fracture and friction by the eye and face during movement. Due to its special molecular structure and good chemical resistance, it is not easy to deform in a high-temperature environment, which can withstand 350 degrees in a short time and is not easy to melt and burn. And the surface lubrication of TR90 glasses frame, density 1.14-1.15, placed in brine will float, lighter than other plastic glasses holders, about less than half the weight of the plate frame. It is 85% of nylon materials, which can reduce the burden of the nose and ears and is suitable for teenagers.

Through the interpretation of the plate glasses frame and TR 90 glasses, we have a general understanding of the plate glasses frame and tr90 frame. In fact, the plate glasses and tr90 mirror frame each have their characteristics and advantages, if you are a fashionista, perhaps the plate glasses holder is more suitable. Because the plate glasses frame deduces fashion, it is easier to match clothes, the integration of plate thickness and metal texture, more can reflect the personality and elegant demeanor, but long-term pick to wear is easy to deformation. Instead, if you’re not a good appearance association and have a large face, the tr90 frame is cost-effective. Moreover, the tr90 mirror frame has been widely used in sunglasses, 3d glasses, polarized glasses, anti-radiation glasses, and many other optical fields, which is an important material choice for many glasses frame brands!

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