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How To Choose Glasses For Your Face


In the choice of sports glasses shape, different face types have different requirements for different shapes of frames.
1.Round face: suitable for a slightly thick frame, cold lens color, darker color of the glasses, has the visual effect of contracting the face. Long face: should choose flat round or curved lenses, slender proportion, give a sense of visual coordination. Cat glasses frame is the best choice.
2.Guessed face: suitable for all shapes of sunglasses, choices to make you elated.
3.Small face type is suitable for wearing fine frame or frameless glasses, the choice of quietly elegant lens will have an unexpected effect.

Glasses frame required soft, flexible, impact-resistant, and to safely protect the face from damage when exercising. The veneer of the frame is designed to keep the eye against the edge of the frame to prevent irritation during fast motion.

Maintenance of sports glasses

1.Avoid contact with perfume, pesticides, and other chemicals, to avoid chemical corrosion to the lenses, frames, and better protect your glasses;
2.Keep in the glasses bag after a wipe. Do not store them with hard or sharp objects, so as not to scratch the lens or paint;
3.Wipe glasses with a special lens cloth before wearing and rinse with professional detergent if necessary. Attention! polarized glasses cannot be cleaned with ultrasonic and water, otherwise, the polarizing effect will be damaged;
4.Wear glasses by both hands, it may cause a frame deformation or fracture while wearing by one hand due to force might too strong;
5.Do not place sports glasses in a high-temperature environment for a long time, and do not soak sports glasses in water for a long time;
6.Glasses with space lenses, with non-broken function, can ensure you wear safely in professional sports, but it is easier to scratch than other materials;

For your life safety, colored glasses are not recommended: driving at night for industrial protection.

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